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Updated: Apr 20

Spearfishing in Key West, Florida. What you need to know about Spearfishing.
Spearfishing Key West

Experience the thrill of spearfishing with Spear It Key West!  Spearfishing is the exciting sport of catching fish using a hand of mechanically propelled spear or lance.  It allows you to combine multiple outdoor activities into one, making it a unique and adventurous experience. One of the great benefits of spearfishing is its ethical nature in that it gives you complete control over what you catch.  This allows you to target specific fish species and keep the ecosystem safe from unnecessary harm.  You are not only enjoying the sport but also potentially helping to combat the presence of non-native species such as the lionfish (no bag limits) while putting fresh fish on your table. 

When you choose our spearfishing adventure, you have the options of a ¾ or full day charter.  Our full-day charter takes you to our most desired hunting grounds, ensuring you the most opportunity to catch fish.  However, if you prefer a shorter day, we can arrange nearby reef spearing and explore several spots.  It’s noteworthy to mention that nearby areas typically may have more fishing pressure, but our experienced team will guide you and provide weather and fishing ground information for the best experience possible. 

At Spear It Key West, we believe in making the most of every opportunity.  As long as the weather is clear, we are ready to spear!  Join us and become a spearos, enjoying the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of catching your own fish. 

Plus, don’t miss out on Hogfish season, which opens on May 1st and runs through October 31st annually.  Select our spearfishing adventure for an unforgettable experience that combines adventure, skill, and sustainability.  Book now and immerse yourself in the world of spearfishing,

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